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The effectiveness and workings of many food supplements unfortunately aren't often subject to a lot of scientific scrutiny. Often, companies don't have much of a choice, since the high costs of research big corporations generally pay usually are out of their reach.  

Pharmapath has always insisted on conducting decent, valid research about the efficacy of Phyt          . Studies have been done in  African, European and South-American countries.  Since the results so far are very promising, Pharmapath is lookinf forward for more research on bigger populations. As soon as we have news to report, you'll be able to find out more about it on our blog


Phyt            's efficacy is largely due to a unique, officially registered patent that you can find here. Not only are the processes of each of the individual ingredients well-documented - oftentimes since many more years that the average prescription drug - the extraction procedure and ingredient treatment also contribute heavily to their efficiency.


The European patent was first applied for by Dr. Apr. E. Verhaeren. His goal? A better absorption of medically active components (M.W., ionisation) that don't hold the same property under normal conditions. 

Every external body cell (such as skin and mucosa) possesses special structures that hold together the cells and provide barriers around them. Because oft his, absorption is only possible through (passive or active) transcellular pathways. By controlling and locally manipulating mitochrondrial pathways, a second route opens up: the paracellular path

Thanks to the refined herbal extraction procedure, the resulting compounds used to produce Phyt             are many times stronger than most of their commercially available counterparts.


Throughout the years, Phyt            has been used to strengthen the immune system against many kinds of bacteria, fungi and viruses, such as HIV/AIDS. In all this time, not a single strong adverse side effect had been reported. This being the case, it should be hardly surprising that our product can be found in most Belgian pharmacies serviced by Febelco. If your pharmacy isn't currently carrying, please feel free to order online. More info about Febelco can be found here:


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