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The field of medicine is important. Every day, prescription drugs save lives, every day people are being helped thanks to new insights and our ever-growing knowledge of the human body. Parallel to these developments, the science covering dietary supplements hasn't slowed down either, which is hardly surprising, as it turns out that no less than 30% of the men and women who take prescription drugs also turn to alternative therapies to lessen the side effects.

Moreover, the effectiveness of many dietary supplements has been amply demonstrated, with Phyt            as a prime example. Throughout the years, we have discovered how versatile this powerful extract really is, although this shouldn't really come as a surprise: the composition seems to strengthen the immune system, allowing you to better combat a large number of ailments.


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'Our immune system protects us against all kinds of diseases.


PHYT            is able to modulate that system, rendering it more efficient.'


Phyt            is available as a registered product in many different countries. In Belgium, it can be found in a large number of pharmacies. On top of that, ordering through our online shop is a breeze! Handy, right?


Phyt               is produced entirely in Belgium. Also, distributor Pharmapath is an independent Luxemburg-based corporation, which means it can work without feeling the pressure of certain pharmaceutical organisations. Of course, this is not the easiest road to travel, but it does make sure we can keep in touch with our clients a lot better, it allows for more out of the box thinking, we are able to conduct truly independent scientific research and we can even reach out to the press easier, just to make sure you're up to date with what we're doing.


Many different types of medicine or supplements are said to be effective against any disease or disorder. Unfortunately, that claim is usually false. Since Phyt   influences the entire immune system, it's very effective against a large number of illnesses. If you'd like to optimise its use or if you're not sure whether you can be benefit from taking our supplement, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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