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Case: Mehmet S. - Longkanker

I was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in January 2012. Then I received a single chemotherapy treatment followed by one and half month radiation treatment.

Based on a friend's recommendation, I have started using your products including Fung and PhytExponent in March 2012. Since it is stage IV, I have used triple dosage. Within a short time, I feel much better. My medical doctor told me that everything seems to be fine so far and the only medicine I am taking now is Fung and PhytExponent. I personally believe that those products have really helped me fıght cancer.

After using those products, I feel that I have good amount of energy and also I psychologically feel better. Interestingly, I have also realized that my skin moles are getting smaller as well.

Overall, I am happy not only with those products, but also with your shipping and payment service. Thanks for everything.

Mehmet Savas

PS . The cancer has shrunk about 60%. He is still on triple dosage.

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