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Jenny Neill: hiv

I was introduced to Jenny Neill by a mutual riding friend after he heard that I was HIV Positive and already have been on anti-retrovirals, but due to financial constraints I could no longer afford to pay for the medication.

At the time of being introduced to this medication I would have tried anything. My cd4 count was only 22 and my viral load speed was 175000, for the period of about a year I went on an off various combinations of arv’s but utilized Phyt without interruption.

I started feeling better within two weeks and hardly felt the side effects of the arv’s which were prominent most of the time with other patients.

Six months after the last test cd4 22 my t cells went up to 65 and my viral load undetectable. I then went on to the roll out at Johannesburg General Hospital and I have been on constant treatment since April 2004.

During this interim period and to present I have constantly used Phyt Exponent and also witnessed the deterioration of patients around me. I have not interrupted my riding career and at my lowest point of this illness I have still been able to ride and jump five horses a day, and been able to teach and keep up a very physically active lifestyle, and I genuinely believe that it would not have been possible for my immune system to have coped with this lifestyle without using Phyt.

A year ago in October 2005 due to the arv combination my body went into an anorexic state, I immediately doubled up my intake of Phyt and was able to correct the condition as well as regain all my muscle tone within 6 months (total gained 45 pounds). My current cd4 count is 415 (first time over 200 in 6 years).

I truly believe I have become an ambassador for Phyt because I owe my life to it and I have seen numerous friends of mine get over a stressful period or a cold or threatened immune system.

Jenny Neill

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