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This person was living with his brother in Tokoza in Johannesburg South Africa. He is around 1,78 cm in height and was weighing 18 kilo when his brother took him to the hospital as he was unconscious. There they did the first tests and he was a full blown aids patient with TB and meningitis, a huge bedsore and total memory loss.


The first picture was taken on 9 October 2010. He was starting TB treatment only and was sent home to die. His brother also started giving him Supahealth /Phytexponent in triple dosage as this was a very serious case.


The second picture is taken on 17 th of October 2010 and the patient was already moving around. A nurse came once to help him with the bedsore and removed the dead skin as it was only hanging with a few fibers and hindering him when trying to walk. You can also already notice the increase in weight. The open wound was treated with Supahealth/Phytexponent on a cotton ball and passed over the wound.


Tb, memory loss and meningitis all had disappeared after 3 weeks. However as prescribed the tb treatment is continued until the 6 months is over.


After 3 months of being on Phytexponent only he was given ARV’s even though his health was recovering remarkably without.


The 3 and 4 th picture are taken with intervals of a month or 2. We just notice the improvement of the wound and the increase in weight.


The last picture where almost the complete wound is closed and the weight is back to 66 kilo was taken on april the 2th 2011.


By the end of march he developed a kind of rash on his face. It was like pimples filled with water. The brother started also applying Phytexponent on it and on the 5 th of April when I saw the patient it was almost healed.


I received one more picture from the wound on his back months later, where it is completely healed and body weight back to normal.


He went working as a mason for a few years. However he had a relapse as he was not following any treatment anymore.


He was supposed to check his blood every 6 months in order to control his status.



Little side note: 3 family members with aids but with less serious symptoms were treated in the same period and are all buried now. They were NOT on Supahealth /Phytexponent. I don’t know if they were taking their Arv’s like prescribed.


Supahealth and Phytexponent are both made by Pharmapath Sarl and are IDENTICAL his status.

Nomusa sharing her testimonial on Aids and the result after taking ARv "s and Phytexponent. Full blown aids in 2007. Treated in a hospice in Johannesburg South Africa with Arv's. Still getting worse. Started taking Phytexponent and from then on she improved. She is undetectable and willing to speak to anybody about her experience. +27 (72) 132 6319

PhytExponent Results (French)

This patient is a male in Umlazi, Durban.

When I met him on the 29 of march 2011 he was very weak, his weight is very low but there was no scale, and anyway he was unable to stand. He was already since august 2010 in bed. Diagnosis was full blown aids and TB.

His medication was anti retroviral and TB medication but he was vomiting, unable to keep both food and medication inside. We started him on Phytexponent on top of this and told him to take at least 30 drops 3 times a day.

I was updated on his condition during my stay in Belgium and came back in may 2011. We can clearly see the improvement on the body weight (20 may 2011). Then I was in chock to see him still in bed, his appetite had not increased very well.


The reason was that he had only taken a normal dosage of 10 drops 3 times a day. His energy was back, he was able to undress himself now, slightly his muscles are coming back and then we were told that also his abscess on his private parts had cleaned out a few days after starting to take Phytexponent.

So I made him understand that he needs to take the correct dosage as normally patients like him get out of bed after max 3 weeks. Since then he has been taking 30 drops and on the last picture (13 june) u can see him sitting upright, he had just finished doing his own laundry (by hand) and he had also ironed. He is doing some exercises to build muscle strength but he is still a bit weak on his back.

He is still taking his arv’s and tb medication however the vomiting had stopped.

Last time I spoke to him on 23 june 2011 he was proud and smiling and busy attacking his fourth huge plate of worst, pap and sauce. I expect him to start walking any day now.

One is now walking with crotches.

One is doing fine communication was never easy with him due to lack of means. I had contact about him several times with his sister and he keeps improving

28-12-2014 One is working a night shift job, he walks without crotches, weight is 79.5. And we can communicate trough whatsapp from now on. His cd4 is 1500 but his last bottle of Phytexponent was last year.

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